Stressed out? Can’t play your XBOX 360 games? Well look no further, at Power Button you’ll find the solution!
We offer you loads of information on; Xbox 360 Console Fix Plus products like the X Clamp Kit.

Here is an excerpt from our Error Guide:

“A Brief Overview

Since the release of the XBOX 360 there have been many technical errors and problems with the console the most famous of these being Red Ring of Death (RRoD) and the E74 error.
According to one source the rate of failure for some of the earlier batches of XBOX 360’s was 1/3 which is absolutely shocking for a company like Microsoft.
Before we continue I’d like to point DO NOT attempt any D.I.Y. fixes unless you’re willing to void any remaining warranty you may have. “

You will find a great load of information on fixing such problems, including guides and kits like the X Clamp Kit.

Before you open up your XBOX 360 console, please note going any further then the removal of your faceplate will result in the loss of your warranty.
We suggest you take care when attempting to use any of the methods listed on the site, you will also need a standard set of tools which include: A Philips and Flat Head Screwdriver, Torx 8 and 10, Thermal Paste and Thermal Cleaning Liquid.

The only other option you have is to perform Xbox 360 repair yourself and you can do this by finding a good repair guide, there are a few about online however you must make sure that you get a good one that has full videos that will guide you through Step-by-step and also make sure that you get one that has a full guarantee so if you do need send it back you have not lost anything.

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