The Goblin Guide is, without a doubt, the most detailed Warhammer Guide out there. Included with the Order & Destruction 1-40 Warhammer leveling guide is a Warhammer gold guide, a Warhammer RvR guide, a Warhammer class guide and crafting guide. It basically covers everything you need to know about playing Warhammer Online and getting the most out of your character. No other Warhammer leveling guide offers this much content.

Warhammer Leveling Guide
Following along with the guide was simple, as it is well written and straightforward. With an exact plan for what quests to do and when and where to do them, I found myself saving a ton of time by not running around aimlessly trying to find things. The author also includes video guides on leveling and making gold that are extremely helpful for both tasks. A lot of guides are including video these days, as it makes it much easier to see exactly where to go and what to do than it would be by just trying to follow a text guide.

Warhammer Gold Guide
No other Warhammer leveling guide I have used included a gold guide, which was something I really wanted. While some of the strategies I’ve seen before in World of Warcraft gold guides, there are plenty that are specific to Warhammer Online and are quite good. I’ve been able to substantially increase my gold supply since using the Goblin Gold Guide. I’ll never have to worry about running out of or low on gold again.

Warhammer RvR Guide
The previous Warhammer guide I was using focused on leveling up your character through PvE only. The Goblin Guide shows you the fastest way to level using PvE, RvR or combining both along the way. I have not had a chance to do much RvR since I was concentrating on just trying to level up my character and PvE seemed to be the fasted way to level. Even after using what I learned in the Goblin Guide to participate in some Scenarios and Keep raiding, I still think PvE is probably faster, but I’m having so much fun with RvR that I’ll probably spend most my time doing that. This will also allow me to work on my Renown rank using the Goblin Guide 1-80 Renown Rank Guide.

I have not played around with crafting, but I have looked through the crafting guide and I’m confident that this will be a tremendous asset when the time comes. I’m very satisfied with the Goblin Guide, as it covers every single aspect of this game, while other are limited to only one. If you are looking for a Warhammer Online Guide, this is definetly the one you should get.



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