Nintendo Wii consoles have taken the world by storm and this was proven by shortages at Christmas times for the last two years! The reason for these consoles being so popular is that they use an innovative new system of controllers that actually use movement to control players or characters etc or Mii’s as they are called on the Wii. The Nintendo Wii consoles have a huge amount of gaming possibility, but this can actually be increased by using a new unlock Wii software called “Homebrew Installer”.

Nintendo Wii consoles have previously been unlocked by having to go through certain steps that were quite risky to your console. You could either send your console away for unlocking or you could send off for the DIY unlocking kit! All this meant that you had to open up your console, invalidate your warranty, and insert a modification chip directly into the circuit board. This was not only a risk to the health of your Wii but if you were not careful you could totally damage your Wii beyond repair. This is where the unlock Wii software comes in because it is software based there are no risks whatsoever to your Wii console which is what stopped a lot of people actually trying to do this previously.

What do you actually get with “Homebrew Installer”? You actually get quite a lot extra to do with your Wii console once you have ran the unlock Wii software and followed the detailed instructions. The first major feature is the ability to be able to backup your Wii games and then keep them stored away safely whilst you play the backup of the wii games so if any scratches appear you can just go straight back to the original games and make a brand new copy. This is the first major feature of the unlock Wii software and can actually save you a fair bit of money if you have destructive kids! Another feature that becomes unlocked is the ability to be able to play DVD films directly on the Wii console so if you are short of space and don’t have room for DVD player then this is ideal. The unlock Wii software also has a built in emulator that allows you to play classic games from the Sega Genesis to the N64 so if you remember how good the game play actually was on these classic consoles then look no further. An extra feature is that you will get access to thousands of Wii games that can be downloaded and played with the use of the hombrew installer software

The unlock Wii software comes with lifetime updates so as the Wii evolves so will the software which will make sure that the unlocked Wii console will continue to provide hours of fun and entertainment.

This software has several different features to add to the already popular Wii console so if you decide you would like more information or think this could be for you then check out the links below.
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