WoW gold guides since the release of the Burning Crusade have all focused on pretty much the same thing – how to strike it rich in Outland. With things costing vastly more gold, such as your 6,000 gold investment for a flying mount or paying a small fortune to raise up your jewelcrafting, the stakes had to be raised, so now in Outland, you can easily make 200 to 400 gold an hour. But, without the right WoW gold farming guide or tips, doing so can actually be a lot harder than necessary.

Gold Farming Guide Method One

Outland mote farming is probably the most common method that the majority of WoW gold farming guides teach. Mote farming can be started as early as in Hellfire Peninsula, picking off the shadow elementals located here, followed by the plant elementals located in Zangarmarsh. At higher levels you can begin raking in even more gold by going to Nagrand and Shadowmoon Valley and multiple forms of elementals are available all around you so that you can farm for multiple types of motes.

Gold Farming Guide Method Two

The second most popular means provided in most WoW gold farming guides is to farm for reputation items in Outland, which includes the very valuable marks and sigils as well as Arcane Tomes and Fel Armaments. There are a many factions in outland that all need specific items to build reputation and buy items from. For this reason, you should plan on spending some time trying to find the right list of places to farm at, which is what a WoW gold farming guide is very useful for.

Gold Farming Guide Method Three

Instances are the third most effective way to make gold in Outland, though they require a bit more help from your friends and guild mates. Try and put together a group of four or more solid, well versed players of equal skill to yours and you should not have any problems working through most of the dungeons. Most WoW gold farming guides will supply a list of which instances are most effective for gold making as well as which mobs to keep a look out for and which bosses have the best items. This is probably the most time consuming method and if you are purely looking for gold and not new content or group excursions, you may want to stick to methods one or two.

In Outland, gold making is one of the primary paths to success for many players. This applies even more so for players that have obtained there flying mounts, after which you can complete daily quests, reach new farming locations, and take advantage of just about every tip and location Derek’s gold mastery guide provides for Outland gold farming.

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