I know a lot of people install printers with the software that they are given with the printers that they buy and get a lot of software addons that they don’t want. There is a way to install these printers with just the driver and not have to get all of that clunky software that you don’t want or need if you just want to print. First thing you need to do is have the driver disk or file ready. A lot of times (especially HP printer) you can go to the website and just download the driver file itself.

Once this driver file is on your computer it usually is in a self-extracting file that you need to extract. It should by default put the extracted file under your root directory which would be just plain old C: whatever after you have extracted it. If it is a HP printer or say a Dell it would be under C:[printer name] or for a Dell it would be C:dell drivers. The next step is to go to your control panel and install a printer. If you use Windows XP then you can access this by going to start then control panel. If you use Vista the simplest way is to click on the round start button and click on control panel.

Once you get to where you want to add the printer, just click on add printer and let it try and find the printer. Now you should already have the printer hooked up via Parallel port or USB port. After it finds thr printer it will ask you if you want to install the printer by connecting to windows updates for the driver or if you have it supplied yourself. You have the driver so you want to select this option. The next window will ask where it is. You should see a browse button. Click on this and point it to the folder that you extracted to the root of C:. Now, sometimes you have to dig deep in the installation folders for the driver. Sometimes you have to choose if it is Windows Xp, the winxp folder and then the language you want.

The file that you would need would be in whatever folder your Operating System is and the language. Sometimes it is in the very first folder. You just have to use a little common sense when it gets to this point because it is different for every printer. Once you find the driver file or folder that you think it is in, just click ok and it should start to install the file. Now if you get a message that says that the driver has not been digitally signed or not approved by windows, just click on continue. It want hurt your machine. Besides, you need this driver to print anyways. That’s it. Your printer should be installed and you should be printing with no problems. In order for your printer to work properly it may ask you to restart the machine. I hope this has been an informative and easy read and I hope that it helps. Thanks for reading.

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