Get ready to experience an incredible PC Multiplayer game, created from the imaginative works of J.R.R. Tolkien (who lived January 3, 1892-September 2, 1973). This graphic rich adventure is based upon mystical detailing from “Lord of the Rings” and “The Hobbit” both published after his death by works found by his son Christopher from manuscripts and extensive notes.

The new expansion, Lord of the Rings, Mines of Moria was released November 17, 2008 by Turbine and has already won MMO RPG Best Expansion 2008, Editor’s Choice Award and GameSpy Editor’s Choice Award.

Utilizing new graphic technology, you will be treated to over 700 authentic mythical landmarks, and get to experience a new feature, the chance to battle monster versus player with over 3500 monsters. Under the Misty Mountains in the deep chasms of Khazad-dum, you will see towering columns of stone and huge vistas, all crafted by the Dwarves themselves. Battle through 60 levels, and utilize legendary weapons such as Bilbo’s Orc detecting sword Sting and Gandalf’s mighty sword Glamdring. The weapons are customizable and their powers and skills increase as you experience more adventures in the game.

This PC Multiplayer game introduces two new classes, the first is the powerful Rune Keeper, master of unleashing Fury of the Storm lightning attacks and the power to heal fellow foes with the Favoured of the Valar. The other is a battle ready, spear wielding Warden, powerful in hand to hand combat and the art of ambush, expert in strategy and devastating combo attacks.

This game differentiates from other PC multiplayer games in that the majority of the players seem to be older, respectful, and more helpful gamers. Players are impressed by the graphics, music, storylines, the ability to develop character skills, the new classes, and the use of legendary weapons. Players are thrilled with being able to take the story chapter by chapter and choose their tasks along the way in an easy to follow path that keeps true to the original storyline. This game is easily grabbing and keeping a whole new following of die-hard fans. With the anticipated release of “The Hobbit” even more fans are flocking to the game and falling in love with it.

If you are looking for a new game I highly suggest trying out the Mines of Moria. It is one of those games that simply keeps a person coming back for more and that’s exactly what we are looking for in a new game, right? Something that will keep us entertained for the longest period of time. ‘Cause hey, we want our monies worth.

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