With technology ruling over the entertainment world, comes a great battle between game consoles. Video game consoles were made popular in the 80s, and have been expanding rapidly since. The introduction of the Playstation One started an empire of gaming consoles, and high tech games. Nintendo, and Xbox are up there too with the top contenders.

While play station one, and two are rarely played anymore, the 3rd generation play station is on the list of the hottest consoles. The price tag is hefty, but the graphics are stunning, and there are some pretty awesome games available for it. Originally released with a 80GB hard drive and a 40GB hard drive option, the 80GB is no longer available. At $400, and games costing $60 each give or take, the PS3 is not the most economical. However, it features web browsing options, HD graphics, and a blue ray disc player. Newer PS3s are not backwards compatible with ps2 and ps1 games, however the first ones are. If you are willing to dish out the cash, a ps3 is well worth it.

Ah, the Nintendo Wii, a famed console, that is nearly out of stock at all times. It has a significantly cheaper price tags than all other consoles, and a unique interactive option. Nunchucks, allow you to participate in the games in a whole new manner, plus the fitness games make this popular for parents to buy. No parent wants their child becoming lazy due to games, so the Wii offers a fitness twist on gaming. Not to mention, it has beautiful graphics, and fun cutesy games. Who can resist the ever loved Mario games?

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Xbox 360 is amongst the most popular systems today. The price tag is a bit high, but the graphics, playability, and the games available make up for that. If you love to play massive online games and scream into a microphone at users across the globe, this is for you!

Of course, we cant forget the handheld system. They are cheaper, popular, and come with tons of multiplayer games available for play on Wifi. Amongst the most popular are the Nintendo DS and the PSP system. DS’s, or Dual Screens, are a two screen handheld, one screen for touch screen action, and the top for whatever else. Many of the games include brain activity games, and things such as Mario Kart DS, and Zelda games. These are backwards compatible with older gameboy sp games, and way too much fun! Not to mention, they are pretty cheap. $120 will get you a DS lite, and $20-$30 more, your first game for it. PSP has many of the same capabilities, and costs around $180. Games for the PSP range from $20-$60.

In the battle of game consoles, who will you choose? Who will dominate the video game world, and come out at the top?


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