Hello i have been making an online MMORPG for the past few weeks. An mmorpg is a Massive Multiplayer Online Role Playing game. This game happens to be called Andrew’s Adventures. Andrew’s Adventures is an online MMORPG (massive multiplayer online role plaing game) that gives you the chance to choose so many options when you play that you will never get tired of it.

Choose among many different classes, which all vary in the skills they have. Fight with many types of armor and weapons to defeat your enemy. Start on the best adventure known to man by casting spells or using a bow and arrow. Fight the powerful guards, fight robbers that try to steal from you in broad daylight. The journey is now. Start today. Play for free with optional upgrade with payment for additional features. Pay only $5/(usd) a month and become a premium user of our game with one month of premium support.

Membership includes access to prisons, caves, and arenas plus access to better armor and weapons. You also have acess to more money, free drops, and much more. Members also get one month premium support. Premium support is $3(USD)/month. With premium support you get many additional features. You will be our first priority for any support related questions in our chat rooms, Forums, and the game it self. You also will be the top priority when it comes to a in-game, in-chat, and/or, in forum dispute. You also will be designated as a premium user by being added to the premium usergroup. You also will be listed in our member/voiced/moderator/owner list when in our chat when clicking on the chat settings tab and clicking on the current moderators tab or something similar to that. You also may be given Administrative status in our game, chat, and or forums which is not available to free users. You also may be given other privelages later on if you continue to be a premium user.

But wait premium user status is not all that is offered. You can still purchase in-game currency for our game. You even get additional currency if you are currently a member of our game at the time you buy in-game currency! Right now it is about 50% more currency if you are a member at the time of the currency purchase. Your payments are merely paying for our hosting fees and other fees we pay for. To help us provide are services for free please feel free to donate to us if you do not wish to play our game. Start playing today! click on one of the links below to start or get more information about us on our website. Just ask yourself do you want to start to enjoy the fun today? If yes click on one of the links below.
Andrew’s Adventures Premium user free game
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